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    Dr. Latasha Ellis, PhD, LCSW, RYT

    Latasha is a psychotherapist, consultant, and national speaker. With over 21 years of service, Latasha specializes in individual and couples therapy. With compassion and understanding, she helps clients develop the necessary skills to overcome current challenges and create healthier lifestyle patterns.

    Latasha is passionate about making relationships work.  She is trained by Doctors John and Julie Gottman in Gottman’s method of couples therapy and Gottman’s “Treating affairs and trauma.”  Additionally, Latasha is a certified educator of Gottman’s “Seven Principles for Making  Marriage Work,” a workshop developed by the Gottman Institute. Latasha also uses Emotional Focus Therapist to help individuals and couples heal from past hurts and create new, more meaningful connections.

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    My Values


    We lead with integrity as one of our greatest attributes. Through integrity, we extend the highest quality of service to our clients.


    We serve with compassion as a core value and an essential component in guiding our clients to achieving an overall sense of well-being. 


    We value confidentiality as an essential component for building trusting relationship. Your story is safe with us! 

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