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    Couples Classes

    Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work:

    The seven principles class is based on the internationally acclaimed research of Dr. John Gottman as presented in his New York Times Bestselling book The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. This educational experience is not to be confused with therapy. Personal stories are protected; no personal information will be shared with other members of the class. This class guides couples on the path toward a harmonious and long-lasting relationship. This class is a must for anyone who wants their relationship to attain its highest potential. Please call for class times and fees.

    Created for Connection:

    The Created for Connections Workshop is based on the best-selling book “Hold Me Tight,” by Dr. Sue Johnson, relationship guru and author. This workshop applies principles from the science-based therapeutic model of Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples through a Christian lens. Couples have no expectation to share and all personal content remains confidential. All coursework will be completed privately with your partner. This class is not to be consider as therapy. It is a learning model to guide couples toward understanding the importance of emotional connection and secure attachment bonds. This class is a must, for a successful marriage. Please call for class times and fees.


    This program allows committed couples to gain a deeper understanding of dynamics, personality, stress, strengths, and areas of growth. Parents can gain understanding of parenting styles to enhance relationship communication. Couples will complete a relationship assessment which results in personalized outcomes that can enhance their relationship.